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At Arrow Christian Academy our goal is to offer the very best in early childhood education. 

While that means we may not always have the lowest child care costs, we are always the very best value. We put our resources into creating an exceptional experience for your child every single day and you'll discover that as soon as you step into one of our classrooms and see the faces of happy, engaged children excited about each new discovery. Here's why:


​We have shaped and updated our early childhood curriculum to reflect cutting edge thought on early childhood education. From infants and toddlers to pre-schoolers and school-aged kids, we support children in their continued growth and developmentsocially, emotionally, physically, and intellectuallywith a proven program that balances learning with fun.


We hire only nurturing people with a passion for early childhood education. Then we build on that enthusiasm by investing in their training and continuing education. You'll see the return on that investment every time you visit our classrooms and you'll hear it directly from your child. 

Our Standards

Follow state licensing guidelines, but they also adhere to our own, higher corporate standards of excellence. Our center is undergoing an accreditation by three of the most prestigious accrediting agencies than any other privately owned early childhood education provider in the area.

Every day at Arrow Christian Academy children learn how to read, children make social and emotional advances, and children reach important developmental milestones. We put all of our resources into creating an exceptional experience, one that prepares your child for a lifetime of success and a love of learning. It's attaining that experience for your child that sets our child care costs.

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